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The main scale of vernier call...

The main scale of vernier callipers reads in mm and its vernier scale is divided into 8 divisions which coincide with 5 divisions of the main scale. When the two jaws touch each other, the zero of the vernier coincides with the zero of main scale. When a rod is tightly placed along its length between the jaws, it is observed that the zero of vernier scale lies just left to `36^(th)` division of main scale and fourth division of vernier scale coincides with one main scale division. The measured value is (in cm)

Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : M.S reading 35mm <br> `X + 4V = nM` <br> `X = nM - 4(5/8 M)` <br> `X lt 1` mm for `n = 3` only <br> So, `X=3-5/2=1/2mm` <br> `:.` reading = `35+0.5 mm` <br> ` = 3.55 cm`.


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