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The main scale of vernier call...

The main scale of vernier callipers reads in millimetre and its vernier is divided into `10` divisions which coincide with `9` divisions of the main scale. When there is nothing between the jaws of the vernier callipers, the `7th` divisions of vernier scale coincides with a division of main scale and in this case zero of vernier scale is lying on right side of the zero of main scale. When a cylinder is tigthly placed along its length between the jaws, the zero of the vernier scale is slightly left to be `3.1 cm` and `4th VSD` coincides with a scale division. The length of the cylinder is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`3.2 cm``3.07 cm``3.21 cm``2.99 cm`

Answer : B


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