The length of a second pendulum is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

99.8 cm99 cm100 cmNone of these

Answer :
Solution :
(c) The length of second pendulum is 100 cm.


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question is the length of a seconds pendulum is so in second pendulum vacancy in second pendulum from would let se oscillation for one oscillation the time taken is it safe if the pendulum moves from one extreme to other extreme it takes s this is stick in one second and this is Torque in another 16.1 class 12 in seconds pendulum we can see the time periods is about to second one second in 1862 S so in this case we are interested in finding length of Greenwood given point to point B L Y is equal to do so we can see in

9.8 exact value so this is one on simplification we find that links the pendulum 99.4 sim exact value calculation comes as 99.4 CM 12392 options are there is no option of food that is one of these options is correct answer is option for reasons

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