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The length, breadth the thickness of rectangular sheet of wood are 3.230 m, 1.49 m and 1.99 cm respectively. Give the total surface area and volume of the sheet correct to the significant figures.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
(i) `9.81 m^(2)` (ii) `10.095s^(3)m`
Solution :


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hello everyone in this question given the Length breadth and thickness of a rectangular sheet of Ude 3.20 1.49 M and 1.99 is actually m ok and we have to find total surface area and the bottom of the correct configure this is important point M 1.49 and height is 1.99 m the type of calculation view to keep in mind to addition and subtraction

final result cotton final result contain contain at least number which when we use you can understand and in multiplication and division multi application revision final answer final answer result should contain should contain at least number least significant digit no we can calculate volume

value of 3.0 1.49 1.99 on this we get 9.57 7273 but whatever rules in multiplication and division the final answer should contain significant figure in all four in answer contact list 9.58 it is rounded off to know we can calculate surface area

LP + HR + LH calculate and lb 3.2 30 into B 1.49 plus 20 1.49 into 1.9.0 1.99 no account solving this we get in accounts 11.127122 2.965 one plus point 277 ok no again but the role during multiplication and division the answer to content list in second digit so

digit and this content answer will be found it ok to 3 significant digit 2.1 plus in this product of two 2.97 plus this is also rounded off to two significant digit in significant digit this answer will pour point no again installing this we get 14.2 no again by the rule rule edition edition answer to contain any number of decimal number after decimal in English to Hindi also to and in this also to show our answer also contain two decimal place we can solve 22248 and to finance


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