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Class 11






Simple Harmonic Motion


The left block in filgure coll...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Assuming the collision to last for a small interval only, we can apply the principle of conservationn of momentum. The common velocity after the collisionn is `v/2`. The kinetic energy `=1/2(2m)(v/2)^2=1/4mv^2`. This is also the total energy of vibration as the spring is unstretched at this moment. If the amplitude is A, the total energy can also be written as `1/2kA^2`. Thus <br> `=1/2kA^2=1/4mv^2, giving A=sqrt(m/(2k))v`.

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hello everyone should be given question is the left block in figure collides elastically with the right block and stick to its ok find the amplitude of the resulting simple harmonic motion we have to find the amplitude of the simple harmonic motion since it is collide in last equally with another block we can conserve Momentum show initial Momentum equals to m into we as only this block this particular blog is moving ok now after collision these two blocks will stick together and move ok final velocity light biwi dash so 2m and to be dealt with the final moment from this equation I get V dash as MB by to M so this is equals to B 52 to the final velocity of two blocks will be we buy it now the kinetic energy of the system will be given by half to m p square where V is we buy two whole square ok so this comes out to be

m v square by 4 ok now this kinetic energy should be equals to half ke a square ok have ke is square as the total energy as the total energy of the system ok so as the total energy of system this should be Total energy of the system recreating this kinetic energy and Total energy we will get a square by four equal to half K square ok with key is the spring constant spring constant of a spring and a is capital A is amplitude capital is amplitude ok solving this I will get harm to Times of a square by 4K equals to a square ok so I am getting empty tool

we root MI 2 ke we root MI 2 ke is amplitude I hope you understand thank you

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