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The least count of the main sc...

The least count of the main scale of vernier callipers is 1 mm. Its vernier scale is divided into 10 divisions and coincide with 9 division of the main scale. When jaws are touching each other, the `7^(th)` division of main scale and zero of main scale. When this vernier is used to measure lenght of a cylinder the zero of the vernier scales between 3.1 cm and 3.2 cm and `4^(th)` VSD coincider with a main scale division . The lehgth of the cylinder is : (VSD is vernier scale division)


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

2.99 cm3.2 cm3.07 cm 3.21 cm


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hello everyone let's start the question answer is that the least count of main scale of vernier calipers is to 1 mm is paneer scale is divided into 3 divisions and cons side with 90 vision of minor scale when touching his other 7 division of pain scale and low in scale OK when this year is used to measure length of cylinder the hero of Venice kills between 3.1 and 3.2 cm and put division considered with a main scale division the length of cylinder is ok so in this question YouTube find out the length of a cylinder so here we see that the least count the least count will be 1 - 9

13 / 10 into 1 mm ok 1 mm and here we see that itsfunneh scale is divided into 10 division and concerned with medication will be one minus into this will be 0.1 mm weekend at 0.01 ok so here we see that is 70 vision of many skill and zero of this circular scale is touching each other ok so here we see that there is a positive Tere ok Neerja positive error 0 error and it is positive ok positive which is Seva

20.1 that is 0.7 mm and cm It will be 0.075 ok so this is the first now if you see the vanilla scale reading this will be the one skill that is circular scale reading into list count this will be for into list count so this is aur into 0.01 the discount is 0.01 CM this will be 0.04 ok now the actual rating will be lead to reading will be the main scale reading plus the one

near scale reading - the positive ok you are we are doing the correction sweet baby -0.05 so if you search should we value the main scale reading is 3.1 cm and 3.2 CM OK where is between so if you take the lower limit this will be 3.1 plus the 11 main scale reading is 0.0 and 6 - 0.072 this will be 3.07 this is the actual rating will check the option so the correct answer is it herbal 3.07 Sabhi can write

answer is 3.7 and thank you

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