The horizontal range and the maximum height of a projectile are equal. The angle of projection of the projectile is


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hello everyone the question age the virgin cal inch and maximum height of a projectile are equal the angle of projection of projectile is given here it is given to us that the range of projectile and maximum height which is achieved by object during the projectile motion are equal then we have to find the angle of in terms of angle of projection theta and maximum height H and horizontal range are relation is given by 10 theta equals to 4 X X upon H H H maximum height and are in the horizontal range and inches and it is given that given that until range r = 2 h maximum height value of PH in our relation 10 theta equals to
4 times of age and by putting our request to h it will be H and from here at NH will be cancelled so 10 theta will be equals to and from here theta equals to 10 inverse show the answer for this present age of a number 4 and all other options are from

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