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Jee Mains


The height at which the accele...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

2R`(R)/(sqrt2)``(R)/(2)``sqrt2 R`

Answer : A


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hello everyone net Jyada question question says that the height of the height at which the acceleration due to gravity becomes ji by 9 when the due to gravity on the surface of earth in terms of are the radius of the earth is OK to find out the height in terms of our OK what will be the height when she will become the wind 9 so ji you know that ji call to GM bhai square and ji dash for a for a particular height it will be GM by Agla ok and this is the height ok so in the question it is given ji dash equal to 9 ok

GTA School 2019 so what we can do we can we can if we do ji dash by ji it will be R square by aplus H whole square OK gmgm will be cancelled out ok now in place of Jesus what we can do we can put zy9 so if you if we put ji by 9 in place of the dash ji here to become a square by aplus square or we can write Jiji will be cancel or so it will be won by 9 if we write all

whether that is H bi R + H2 the power to ok and if you remove the square it will be won by 3 equal to 4 by 4 + H and if you are placed the other side it will be a + 1 equal to end this 13 year so far as we can write 3 - rev2 are so this will be the height check the option the correct option is to our ok so we can write correct answer is to our thank you


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