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Properties Of Bulk Matter


The heat of a man pumps 5 litr...

The heat of a man pumps 5 litres of blood through the arteries per minute at a pressure of 150 mm of mercury. If the density of mercury be `13.6xx10^(3) kg//m^(3)` and `g=10 m//s^(2)` then the power of heat in watt is :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : Here, `V=5 litres =5000 c c` <br> `=(5000)/((100)^(3))m^(3) =5xx10^(-3) m^(3)` <br> time, `t=1 min =60 s`, <br> `rho =13.6xx10^(3)kg m^(-3)`, <br> `h=150mm=150xx10^(-3) m` <br> Power of heat, `P=("Workdone")/("time") = ("Pressure" xx "volume")/("time")` <br> `=(rho ghxxV)/(t)` <br> `=((13.6xx10^(3))xx10xx(150xx10^(-3))xx5xx10^(-3))/(60)` <br> `=(102)/(60)W =1.70 watt`


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