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Class 12






Alternating Current And Electromagnetic Waves


The frequencies of X-rays, gam...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A

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latest question in this question what is given that frequencies of X rays Gamma Rays and ultraviolet rays these are represented as a b and c respectively and what we need to find out what is the correct relationship between The frequencies of X-rays and ultraviolet rays in terms of ABC so this is a window this is a theoretical questions but what we can connect it with abhi just not need to see the frequency but what is the wavelength because in the electromagnetic spectrum generally we are concerned about the wavelength and we know the relationship between the unit for example I am just going the electromagnetic spectrum so this this is this then it is increasing as we move towards the right and wavelength is increasing know what is this agreement here comes the gamma rays has the maximum if you are just looking for this is for wavelength so here would be Gamma Rays so here would be Gamma Rays and then what is the sequence that it would be X rays that it would be X-rays and then

it would come out to be aware ultraviolet rays and then there would be visible and it's over now here we see that it has a greater than X-rays and has created this is for what is the relation for frequency it is the opposite relation so Gama would be greater as compared to race as compared to UV rays why because we know that we equals to F into Lambda so frequency would be be divided by land that means if Lambda is Greater with that is greater than frequency would this case it is therefore frequently so this Gamma ray is represented as we can check grammar is represented with we can just in the colour it is represented with B2B integrator that is presented with a with a than greater than Yuvi Yuvi is represented with c h correct option should be be should be greater than I should be greater than c

what is the correct b is greater than A is greater than C so this is our correct option so in this case our answer would be so hope you understood this explanation thank you

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