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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> The force between the infinite wire and the square loop is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(mu_(0)l^(2))/(4pi)` repulsive`(mu_(0)l^(2))/(2pi)` repulsive`(mu_(0)l^(2))/(4pi)` attractive `(mu_(0)l^(2))/(2pi)` attractive.

Answer : A


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hello the problems tips that we have to find the force between The Infinite wire and the square loop so we are given an infinite current carrying wire and at a distance a from it square with carry two current I having dimension a is placed so we have to find force on the square loop due to the current carrying fire so the concept that we are going to you here is that news on fire on a current carrying wire please in magnetic field is given by f is I of help vector cross b vector

and this is a first concept and the second concept that you are going to use is magnetic field due to infinite current carrying wire new not I 25 now let's let's call this virus k b c d so magnetic field due to the wire at the location of the where is what Suresh first understand the direction of the field should direction of the field is given by the right hand rule so due to the current the field at this point will be in cross direction that we can determine by using The Right Hand Thumb Rule and

at the location of wear a t it will again be in the cross direction at the location of BC the distances and at the location of add the distances for 2D so let's find the value of field at the location of Pardeep so we can reply the wire DC to be pleased to hear and carry current I in the downward direction and the field this and see and hear the field magnetic field is not iPad 25 due to this field the force on the where can be found by writing I of alcohol full length factor is along the -1 if we will

take this the x axis Y and this is that ok Solan is along the minus y l crosby and that is along the minor that access magnetic field along the directions to expect this post will be new note I buy to 5D into I current of the wire into length length of the wire again enter the value TV can also write its a Sophia School Palace New not I square upon 25 this port is towards the right similarly we can find the force acting on the part of a

current is flowing in the protection magnetic field is cross so we can find the force to be active towards left and transport can be returned and let's call this forces F1 and disposal F2 F2 values v i l ok magnetic field is not able to find distance values to into current which I into length is again a so that becomes Mu not I square upon and about the part ab and CD we can see that the force current is flowing from a to b and magnetic field is cross so the direction of force will be in that part 41 part ab and similarly the force on parts will be

in the opposite direction HDFC recurring deposit to net force will be what a fun -2 so we can write the net force and that value at 1 -2 so that is simply not a square by 25 - 9 x square before it becomes Mu not I square by 4 and this force that this would be the net force on the square root 2 to the current carrying wire I hope this search with answer thank you

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