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Class 12






Aiims 2017


The following configuration of...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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NAND gate XOR gate OR gate NOR gate.

Answer : B
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `Y_(1) = A + B, Y_(2) = bar(A.B)` <br> `Y = (A+B).bar(A.B) = bar(A.A) + bar(A.B) + bar(B.A) + bar(B.B)` <br> `= 0 + bar(A.B) + bar(B.A) + 0 = bar(A.B) = bar(B . A)` <br> This expression is for XOR.

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the question is given the following configuration of gate is equivalent to the circuit diagram is over now we have to find a which is the gate is the writer software or get this is this is the end and input is given every and output by Herbert 108 ft SAP and and this output output b a k p and Research take up as now here we write a disorder Potter aur Guetta ft to measure this is equal to 1 + v and and is the and A final output will get the here and we were told by using De morgan's law that means it ought to be we can write this is the

plus plus this value and find a simplified these equations of we can write a + b + b y Nau multiplication is a + a Vivah + VMware + b b bar and a 10 plus Ravivar class fever + Y is equal to become a class that this is the exalted and that means I cleared of right and forget the solution is customised

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