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The electric field of light wa...

The electric field of light wave is given as `vec(E)=10^(-3)cos((2 pi x)/(5xx10^(-7))-2pi xx 6xx10^(14)t) hat(x) (N)/(C)`. This light falls on a metal plate of work function 2 eV. The stopping potential of the photo-electrons is: <br> Given, E (in eV) `= (12375)/(lambda ( "in" Å ))`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

2.0 V0.72 V0.48 V2.48 V

Answer : C
Solution : Clearly `(2pi)/(lambda)=(2 pi)/(5xx10^(-7)) " " :. Lambda=5000 Å` <br> `:.E=eV+ phi rArr V = (12375)/(5000)-2=0.475 V ~~ 0.48 ` volt.


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hello students welcome to doubtnut our question is the electric field of a light wave is given by a is equal to 10 to the power minus 3 cos 25 x divided by 5 into 10 power minus 2.26 into 10 ki power 40 Newton per coulomb this light falls on the metal plate of work function to electron volt the stopping potential of the photoelectron is our options are option 82 V option B 0.72 volte option c 0.48 v and option dis 2.4 so let's suppose this is our plate and the light is incident on this plate the electric field of this light is given to us that is 10 to the power minus 3 cos of 25 x / 5 into

10 to the power minus 7 - 2.26 into 10 to the power 14 so if light incident on this then display it emits some electron Soviet to calculate the stopping potential for electron so stopping potential is equals to HBU - work function equation for finding the stopping potential for stopping potential is equal to this HBO can be written as at bilanda -5 is given to us that is to electron volt stopping potential to

electron volt now we can compare this equation from our standard equation and we can see that this whole time can be written as ke X so 25 x divided by 5 into 10 to the power minus 7 is equal to kx and kg equal to 2.5 into so from here our Lambda comes out to be 5 into 10 to the power minus 7 this is the value of wavelength of that light if we convert this in electron volt we are given the conversion in the question that it is equals to 12375 / land in energy in electron volt will

be come out to be 12375 5000 this is equals to 2.475 electron volt now we get our energy that we can put in this Island the term and stopping potential equal to 0.48 electron volt this is the value for stopping potential our correct option is option C 0.48 V

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