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The electric field of light wa...

The electric field of light wave is given as `vec(E)=10^(-3)cos((2 pi x)/(5xx10^(-7))-2pi xx 6xx10^(14)t) hat(x) (N)/(C)`. This light falls on a metal plate of work function 2 eV. The stopping potential of the photo-electrons is: <br> Given, E (in eV) `= (12375)/(lambda ( "in" Å ))`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

2.0 V0.72 V0.48 V2.48 V

Answer : C
Solution : Clearly `(2pi)/(lambda)=(2 pi)/(5xx10^(-7)) " " :. Lambda=5000 Å` <br> `:.E=eV+ phi rArr V = (12375)/(5000)-2=0.475 V ~~ 0.48 ` volt.


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