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The displacement of a string i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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It represents a progresssive wave of frquency 60Hz It represens a stationary wave of frequency 60Hz It is the result superpositon of two waves of wavelength 3m , frequency 60 Hz each travelling with a speed of 180 m/s in ipposite direction Amplitude of this wave is constant

Answer : B::C
Solution :  Given equation is `" " y(x,t)=0.06 sin ((2pix)/(3)) cos (120pit)` <br> (a) Comparing with a standard equation of staionary wave <br> `" " x(x,t)=a sin (kx) cos (omegat)` <br> Clearly, the given equation belongs to stationary wave. Hence , options (a) is not correct. <br> (b) By comparing. <br> `rArr" " omega=120pi` <br> `" " 2pif==120pirArrf=60Hz` <br> (c) `k=(2pi)/(3)=(2pi)/(lambda)` <br> `rArr" " lambda` = wavelength =3m <br> `" "` Frequency =f=60Hz <br> `" "` speed = `flambda` =(60Hz)(3m)=180m/s <br> (d) Since in stationary wave, all particless of the medium execute SHM with varying amplitude nodes.

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question is displacement of a string is given by Y is equal to zero point 06925 3.25 X and Y M P in seconds the length of the string is given as 1.5 m and its mass is given as 3 into 10 power minus 2 PC through four options it represents a progressive wave of frequency 63rd it represents a stationary wave of frequency 60 Hz it is the result of superposition of two waves of frequency 1608 oxalates amplitude of this previous question so first of all we can compare this equation with let's say I was equation of the phone Y is equal to 28 we can say a sign of something like

cakes in course of which is it say we can say as this represents handing aur our stationary Wave Equation equation of standing waves or we can say as stationary waves so this is our stationary wave of standing Wave Equation not a progressive wave is in the option number 1 it represents a progressive wave is incorrect but here in the second option as we can see it is a stationary wave so now that is checked the frequency of this stationary wave so as we can see the coefficient of time presents Mega which can be found here as 120 pipe so hair by comparison we can see

123 which is equal to 25 into from here we can say frequency is equal to 60 Hz so this is stationary wave frequency 60 Hz in social number 22 is correct letters come to option number 3 to know that this stationary wave is formed when two travelling waves of same frequency same amplitude and we can say same velocity travelling in opposite directions superimpose so let us say these component waves by the superposition of which the standing waves formed are given as a sign of Cancer this equation is found as a sign of less if X + Omega 3

x minus 3 like this equation is travelling in positive X direction with a velocity fmw MB in skates - Omega 3 and similarly there we can say this wave having same amplitude same frequency just velocity is in -6 direction is the equation is pink Express Omega T so here we can say amplitude of the component waves to a is equal to 0.06 a video of the component wave is half of this that is 0.03 frequencies as fine of X and it remains same is this its components that is 25 x by 3 minus is 125

it means if similarly also this becomes sign of 25 x by 3 and this becomes plus Omega T becomes 125 Scooty is there we can see it is the result of superposition of two ways with now let's wavelength so wavelength we can say as its component is my so se is equal to 2 pi by 3 and we know that ke that is even number is given by 25 year we can say to answer this two points olander becomes so this wave wavelength is H 3 M F calculated frequency here to be 60 hours and the way we can say is given as MB Kaise of this

is the wave velocity so near wave velocity we can share Aslam La which comes to beat 60 in 23 which is equal to 180 boot with travel with same speed when it but in opposite direction so 180 metre per second in opposite direction is option number 3 is also now let us come to the fourth option that is amplitude of the wave is constant so as we can see here standing wave amplitude is given to a sign of this of the standing wave is let se function of position as we can see so we can amplitude of wave is given as let se 0.0625

/ can see from here this amplitude is not constant it depends on position as we can see here let se function of position that is as expected so we can see that if this is a standing wave so for different positions of take this standing wave amplitude has different values that is this it's a particle medium undergoes relation with this attitude and This particle has the maximum amplitude which we know as ND notes and this standing wave medium and amplitude is this point is known as nodes so we can see the amplitude is not constant in depends on collision so option number 4 is encouraged that is a litre of the wave is

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