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The dimensional formula of sqr...

The dimensional formula of `sqrt((hc^5)/G)` is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B
Solution : NA


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hello everyone the question is that the dimensional formula of square root of X raise to power 5G is this question I have to find out the dimensional formula now I will write first we know HC hair dimensional formula of C is so is Planck's Constant H I can say is planck constant having dimension formula so beautiful and constant is constant in joules zustand for energy that is a mail to team -2 s means so it will became Ti now also looking this value we get ml2 Te -1 so this is dimension formula h love dimension formula of c c is velocity of light and its formula will be it -1 and dimensional formula of G G Gravity

constant we can use formula that is f asking Newton's law of gravitation M1 M2 now put the value here force is M L T minus 2 a square and mm to m square also use this value we get a -1 l3t -2 Now use this formula so h serious to power 5G now use the value here at is Komal aap dimensional formula of h s m l to -1 hair value of c l t minus 1 raise to power 5 - 1 help cube minus 2 I can write square root as 12

on solving this value here I am 1 and -1 on you later it will become a and this will value eldest power 55127 7 - 3 that is for hair thickness to power -1 and - 5 - 6 - 6 and will became plus 2 raised to power minus 4 now square root means we will divide is power with do we get M L square t -2 so it is our final answer if we check the option and b is right sex


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