The current amplitude in a half-wave antenna is 0.5 A. What is the radiation power? What is the equivalent resistance of this vibrator? For simplicity of calculations assume the current to be the same in every point.

Text Solution

Answer :
25 W; 197 ohm.
Solution :
The amplitude of the current is `I_(M) = enSV_(M)` where `V_(M) = omega A` is the amplitude of the velocity of the oscillations of the charge The magnitude of the oscillating charge is q = enSI, hence `I_(M)` = <br> `P=(mu_(0)q^(2)A^(2)omega^(2))/(12pic)=(mu_(0)I_(M)^(2)I^(2)omega^(2))/(12pic)` <br> But for a half - wave antenna `omega l = pi c` (see problem 39.2),so <br> `P=(pi)/(12)mu_(0^(c))I_(M)^(2)` <br> The power is P = `I^(2)R = I_(M)^(2)R//2`, so the antenaa is equivalent to a resistance <br> `R=(pi)/(6) = mu_(0)C = (pi)/(6)sqrt((mu_(0))/(epsilon_(0)))`

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