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The combination of plots which...

The combination of plots which does not represent isothermal expansion of an ideal gas is : <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

(B) and (D) (A) and (C) (B) and (C) (A) and (D)

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone list of the question questions is that the combination of laws which does not represent isothermal expansion of an ideal gas is ok so in case of ideal gas if write the equation equation is equal to nrt and here we're talking about isothermal expansion ISO thermal expansion ok that means the temperature constant so if you see the equation and its constant h mountain and it is also constant so whole time is now constant ok so we can write prequel to ke

Rakesh constant I have written ki for holder ok if you talk about the first clap if you talk with the first we can say that we can write in this way also equal to cable and females in the equation of straight line that is why call to MX + c m represents the slope ok Lo let se Lokesh I am which is in the creation is ke ok and 1 by various acts that is integrity VM MP why we can say from this equation we can say that this is correct coming to the second graph

what is between p and V M ok so if you right but there's so now be happy be that is constant and if we draw the graph between SP and we will be like this if you like parabola it will be like this and bhaiya but here we can see that this is a straight and going down so is wrong rap ok now coming to the third Gaya VB on the web is PPM and beyond the access in the third graphic and see that you can see here that the baby is already a constant and hear the graph API if you're changing the way

it will be a straight line covers the whole term is constant ok now as the whole time is constant this will not change even the pH changing ok the whole time will be constant always suggest Rajesh correct if you see the last diabetes between internationally and we're so if you take this case Shuddh Kaise isothermal ISO herbal that means it will be zero no change temperature formula Dale you then you will be and Seaweed LT and we know that this is zero

Digitamil also be zero ok if we see diagram ok Agra to graphs should be like this HD constant during the change in internal energy will not be changed it will be constant so grab should be like this ok this is wrong wrong so aur correct correct NC and long-term and ok if you see the option DND this is the correct answer about that they do not represent the correct plot ok we can write the correct answer is correct answer is b&d thank you


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