The coefficient of performance of a Carnot refrigerator working between `30^(@)C & 0^(@)C` is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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so the question is the coefficient of performance that is up of a country refrigerator working between the temperature 30 degree centigrade and zero degree centigrade is in the question they are asking a question to the first have to understand that how engine or refrigerator was suppose a second fluid temperature metre in between two temperature in first is higher temperature in unknown it is also known as second lower temperature in that is also known as import because of this

heat transfer between the source this is the basic principle of carnot cycle and the slope of convercycle that is coefficient of performance is given that is not in the question the low temperature in 1738 into K B 303 K into the 273 upon 303 -

273 after simplifying we will get 273 day that is equal to 9 almost equal to that is waiting at 30° right answer

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