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Class 11






Newton's Laws Of Motion 2


The coefficient of friction be...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Acceleration of the `(A + B)`down the plane `= g sin theta` .In both the blockand weight , friction between then will static . The block `A` is at rest w.t.t. wedge `B` <br><img src="" width="80%"><br> From `FBD` of `A` : <br> `N = mg - ma sin theta ` <br> `f = ma cos theta` <br> For no sliding between `A` and `B` . <br> `f lt mu N` <br> ` mg sin theta .cos theta lt mu(mg - mg sin ^(2) theta)`<br>or `mg sin theta .cos theta lt mu mg - mg (1 - sin ^(2) theta)`<br>`sin theta cos theta lt mu cos^(2)theta`<br>` rArr tan theta lt mu` or `theta = tan^(-1)(mu)`

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question is the coefficient of friction between the block a of mass volume and the triangular wedge of mass capital M S there is no friction between the wedge in the plane if the system block a plus which b is released for that there is no sliding between A and B so we have to find the inclination theta before we are given to block someone is a 32 of mass M and another is be veg ok of mass capital M so it is said that there is nose bleeding between a and b is there is no relative motion happening between a and b and we know that if the block B is released so it will move with an acceleration G sin theta right and it is said that there was no relative motion means and must read together so they will have an acceleration that is ji sin theta and downward direction ok further we have to find the acceleration the dancer let me know the

free body diagram of block a block a there will be a mass of the wait wait for second on 1MG there will be a pseudo force unlock in this direction that will be a main is acceleration a so there will be a pseudo force m&a and there is also the horizontal component of this will be a Mein cos theta with the vertical component will be m a sin theta a further he the blog when it will released it will have a tendency the block B will have a tendency to move downward and there will be a friction force happening in this direction and the block a will try to move in the right direction so there will be a friction force in left One Direction like this is for this is if there will be a normal force on block a due to which we did that

capital in this is the complete free body diagram for their we will have an ellipse Palace the four so in vertical direction we will have a + sin theta will be equal to MG road from here we can write normal force is equal to MG minus sin theta delete this week vision one and in the horizontal direction we will have the friction force equal to M A cos theta and we have friction force you into a weight will be more into the value of n s MG minus sin theta equal to M A cos theta so now we can put the value of a that is the theatre and we will get a year into MG minus into ji and it and it will make it worth it

100 mm into G sin theta cos theta from here we can cancel out the energy from the common terms so we will get you into this one minus sin square theta will become cos square theta then this will be here to sin theta into cos theta we can cancel out the extra cost and further we will get 10 theta is equal to new and this will give theta equals to 10 inverse of you so this is a required value of inclination angle theta thank you

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