The block of mass `m_1` shown in figure is fastened to the spring and the block of mass `m_2` is placed asgainst ilt. A. Find the compression of the spring in the equilibrium position. b.The blocks are pushed a further distance `(2/k)(m_1+m_2)gsintheta` against the spring and released. Find the position where the two blocks separate.<br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL1_C12_E01_069_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Answer :
Solution :
At equilibrium position : `rarr` <br> `Kx_(0) = m_(1)g sintheta + m_(2)g sintheta` <br> `x_(0) = ((m_(1) + m_(2))gsintheta)/(k)` <br> Block will separate when acceleration of block of mass `m_(1)` will be just equal to `g sin theta` <br> `rArr a = omega^(2)x = g sintheta` <br> `rArr (K)/(m_(1) + m_(2)) xx x = g sin theta` <br> `x = (m_(1) + m_(2))/(K)g sintheta = x_(0)` <br> So, blocks will separate when blocks are at distance `x = (m_(1) + m_(2))/(K) g sintheta` <br> From mean position <br> i.e. spring is at its natural position (amplitude `A = ((2)/(K)(m_(1) + m_(2))g sintheta')`) <br> Blocks will seoparte at distance `x = x_(0)` from mean position. <br> `v = sqrt(A^(2) - x_(0)^(2))` <br> `= sqrt((K)/(m_(1) + m_(2))) sqrt(((2)/(K)(m_(1) + m_(2))g sintheta)^(2) - (((m_(1) + m_(2))/(K))g sintheta)^(2))` <br> `= sqrt((3)/(k)(m_(1) + m_(2)))gsintheta` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_WFPM_PHY_XI_C04_E01_142_S01.png" width="80%">


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I will come out in this question given the block of mass M1 shows in figure is passed into the spelling on the block of The Mask M2 is played against it find the completion of the existing in the equilibrium position and the second question we have to find the block of our most of the distance to buy ke into a oneplus a into sin theta against the spring and early find the position of position where the two block separate OK then let us consider M1 and M2 both together that means M1 and M2 IT act like a single body this is a body having the market let us consider them OK where the m is equal to M1 M2 and oneplus M2 and mass m waiting acting in download direction and this angle angle of inclination theta then definitely in this direction MG cos theta

and along the plane MD sin theta MG anteater OK then and spring force acts in this direction OK then from equilibrium we can say the value of the ki acts and this is equal to sin theta OK then the value of x and actually spring compression then x is equal to MC sin theta upon am ok then x is equal to M M is a actually a oneplus M2 that means I'm oneplus M2 in 2G sin theta upon this is the value of the act on this is the answer of this was part of a comparison of the spring in the equilibrium position x is equal to 1 +

Pintu ji sin theta upon it and in a second part in a second part we have to find the value value method to block is separated latest consider this is a block M2 ok this is blocked M2 and normal reaction is acting in this direction and MG side m2g into sin theta acting in this direction OK then for aquarium f is equal to M2 into a and b is equal to M2 into G M ok that means maximum acceleration and is equal to M2 and a cancel ji sin theta ok maximum acceleration is equal to sin theta if the value of g sign

exceed the maximum then definitely M2 will be separated and this block is performing SHM that means a maximum maximum and equal to sin theta and a maximum can be written as omega square into X and Y is equal to ji side ok that means the value of omega square and square is equal to actually Ke by 1 + 2 into X and this is equal to sin theta then the value of x and x is equal to sin theta upon a into 1 + M2 ok this is the value of the X and this is the right answer of this question when they are separated thank you

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