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Class 12






Modern Physics - 2


The binding energies per nucle...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B::C
Solution : `2_1H^2rarr_2He^4` <br> Binding energy of two deuterons, <br> `E_1=2[2xx1.1]=4.4 MeV` <br> Binding energy of helium nucleus, <br> `E_2=4(7.0)=28.0 MeV` <br> `:.` Energy released `Delta E=E_2-E_1` <br> `=(28-4.4)MeV=23.6 MeV`

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question save the binding energy per nucleon for neutron is given this and helium is given this and the binding energies are 1.1 and eevee and 7 respectively so the energy released when two deuterons fuse to form a helium is so we have to find out what is the energy released when to neutrons fuse to form Helium so that will be the reaction that is taking place is h21 clash h21 and products are her2 + the energy the energy which is being released so even here it will be the binding energy off to neutrons that will be

1.1 into two that is to neutrons and neutrons there are two so that will be 4.4 M and e to hear it will be binding energy of helium nucleus that will be the binding energy is 7 and the number of nuclear for that will be 28 MB so further more calculating we will get you that will be E2 - 31 will be equal to 28 - 4.4 that is 23.6 MPV

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