Updated on:30/05/2023

The binding energies of the nuclei of .42He,.73Li,.126C and .147N are 28, 52, 90, 98 MeV respectively. Which of these is most stable.


Text Solution

The correct Answer is C


girlfriend question is given the binding energy of the nuclei of helium Lithium carbon and nitrogen or 2852 1998 Mega electron volt respectively which of these is this is most stable ok so for most stable means binding energy per nucleon which element have greater binding energy per nucleon has greater so that element will be more stable ok Soya unit is same for hair Helium Lithium carbon and nitrogen so will calculate their binding energy per nucleon for helium show for helium this will be how much 28 upon 7 ok here for helium sorry 28 upon 4 Note 7 this for so this is equal to how much 7 ok and for lithium this will be how much
52 upon how much 7 that is equal to how much 7.42 and similarly for Carbon this will be how much 90 upon for Carbon to well ok so this is equal to 7.5 ok and for nitrogen how much 98 upon 14 that is equal to 7 ok so here binding energy per nucleon for carbon atom is Greater ok share for Carbon is Greater binding energy per nucleon show carbon will be the most stable element thank you


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