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Class 11






Centre Of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision


The ballon the light rope and ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Initially the monkey and balloon are at rest. Os, the CM is at P. <br> When the monkey descends through a distance L the cm. will shift. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `t_0=(m+L+Mxx0)/(M+m)` <br> `=(mL)/(M+m)from P` <br> So, the balloon descenes through a distance `(mL)/(M+m)`

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the balloon the light rope and the Monkey also in the diagram at rest in the air at rest at the top of the row at what distance does the balloon decent if it is given that the mass of the balloon is am and mark the monkeys have and the length of the Rope is safe UC initially there was Actress net external course there will be external post but there won't be any net external for state for external courses quiz 20 so if net external force is zero centre of mass acceleration of the system will be right and

the centre of mass was initially stationary and there is no acceleration so centre of mass displacement will also be 3 Pro Sona if you see the monkey goals by a distance of L in a pot direction with respect to the balloon train this displacement l is with respect to the blue in a pot decoration dispose the balloon comes down wood with respect to the ground so if I say the displacement of the monkey with respect to the balloon that is L in upward direction taking the opposite direction as positive and negative displacement of the below you can see is minus x since it is taken in I will say the displacement of the monkey with respect to ground is displacement of the monkey plus displacement of a balloon that will be l - x at the 2nd quarter displacement of the

the displacement of the centre of mass of the system will be easily and we define it as one as one plus m2s to buy oneplus Ham to put the value of the post and one is the monkees I will right here this and displacement of the monkey is this and other and displacement of the balloon is minus x and in division I will write this whole expression is so what I will get S M L minus minus 1 equal to zero to be wanted to do so after solving you will get M + m into X is equals to ML and X will be equal to

plus this will be our answer the question again distance doesn't understand and that is small and into l bi + capital thank you

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