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Class 12






Alternating Current


The average power delivered to...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`E_("rms") I_("rms")``E_("rms") I_("rms")cos theta``E_("rms") I_("rms")sin theta`zero

Answer : B

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Vallu students for beginners with this question the questions are the average power delivered to a series AC circuit where the symbols and their usual meaning so basically in an AC circuit ok let's suppose there is a AC circuit there is always an AC source ok and also there are means appliances connected in their 2080 appliances one thing you must know that basically an appliance basically changes everything from AC to DC but why don't we use DC current because there is a lot of loss of current in DC ok to physically that's why you desi current so basically what we see you here in this question that average power ok average power is basically defined as what ok so firstly we know that power is what power is defined as what ok and it is also known as work done per unit time ok and over here in case of electric

define power especially in case of this basically the AC circuit with divine power as vrms Hoke which is the root mean square voltage into I RMS which is the root mean square current ok into cos 5 over here is what is the cost is basically the power factor over but we're in this case in this question it is given in terms of ok so why is basically equal to b is basically defined as the electromotive force all EMF ok and it is same as we show our answer will be water runs will be optional maybe that is RMS RMS into cos 5 got it thank you

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