The atomic mass of uranium .23892U is 238.0508u, that of throium.23490Th is 234.0436u and that of an alpha particle .42He is 4.006u, Determine the energy released when αdecay converts.23892U into .23490Th.


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today the topic mass of Uranium 92 uranium 238 to 38.0 508 and that of Thorium is 230 4.0 436 and that of Alpha particle 440026 determined convert uranium and Thorium pahle to find what is the energy released during the reaction involved in this to the reaction will be 92 238 is converting here into Thorium 9234 + Alpha particle that is 282 38.0 50 units and 34.0
436 and the particle particle at 4.00 given the mass of the mass of product where to find the energy released to find the energy be sure to find what is the decrease in mass that is what is the total decrease in marks from reaction to the production of decreasing where to find person what is the total mass of the product we will find here total mass of the product will be plus mass of Alpha particle Alpha particle of mass 2 34104 3 plus 4.00 26 after calculating discount allowed to be
238 10462 total mass of the product and the total mass of the country that mass of reactant side reactant side is given as 238 1050 unit equal to mass of reactant Manas mass of product master that decrease mass will be converted into the energy released so we are going to find the delta delta and comes off too much of it and that 238 10508 230 8.046 to 0.0 046 unit
1 unit 1 unit it corresponding 29 31.5 Mega electron volt energy energy corresponding 2014 unit will be so we can say that energy released will be equal to will be 0.0046 into 9 31.5 solving this comes out to me what this compact 4.3 Mega electron volt to the energy released during conversion is 4.3 electron volt

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