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Class 12






Nuclear Physics


The atomic mass of thorium ._(...

The atomic mass of thorium `._(90)^(234)Th` is `234.04359 u`, while that of protactinium `._(91)^(234)Pa` is `234.04330 u`. Find the energy released when `beta` decay changes `overset(234)(90)Th` into Pa

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : To find the energy released, we follows the usual procedure of determining how much the mass has decreased because of the decay and then calculating the equivalent energy. The decay and the masses are shown below: <br> `underset(234.04359 u) (._(90)^(234)Th) rarrubrace(._(91)^(234)Pa+._(1)^(0)e)_("234.04330 u")` <br> When the `._(90)^(234)Th` nucleus of a thorioum atom is converted into a `._(91)^(234)Pa ` nucleus, the number of orbital electrons remains the same, so the resulting protactinium atom is missing one orbital electron. However, the given mass includes all `91` electrons of a neutral protactinium atom. In effect, then, the value of `234.04330 u` for `._(91)^(234)Pa` already includes the mass of the `beta` particle. Tha mass decrease that accompanies the `beta^(-)` decay is `234.04359 u -234.04330u = 0.00029 u`. The equivalent energy `(1 u=931.5MeV)` is` 0.27 MeV`. This is the maximum kinetic energy that the emittted electron can have.


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hello girls today's question is the topic mass of Thorium 9234 is to 34.0 4359 unit while that of tractor name 90 1234 1234 point 04330 unit find the energy released in beta decay changes 94m 234 and to protect in this question we have to tell what is the energy metre test in place what is the reaction involved here the reaction involved here is like the 90 Thorium 234 v91pro actinium 234 plus minus 10 that is beta particle beta decay beta 34.0 4359 unit is given as 234 point

04330 unit mass of Alpha particle mass of Beta particle is equal to zero and we have to find the energy released in beta decay take place we know that the energy released here is due to the mass defect energy released due to mass defect and that is mass defect request to mark of particle in react inside the reactant and mass of particle in product side and comes out to be

230 4.0 435 998 230 4.0 4330 and mass of this beta particle is zero this cannot be added this comes out to be 0.0002 9 unit cost of 1 unit gives energy of 9 31.5 Mega electron volt is amount of energy sector 31 market effect of 1 unit gives us 9 31.5 Mega electron volt energy of 0.0029 unit gives us energy equal to 0.0002 9 into 9 31.5 Mega electron volt that is basically equal to 0.27 ml of code that the energy released the energy

released when beta decay changes play 0.27 Mega electron volt


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