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The angle between two vector A...

The angle between two vector A and B is `theta`. Vector R is the resultant of the two vectors. If R makes an angle `(theta)/(2)` with A, then


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : C
Solution : Graphically: <br> `/_ROQ=theta//2, /_RQO=theta//2` <br> Hence, `DeltaOQR` is isosceles. <br> `rArr OR= RQrArr B=A` <br> Analytically: <br> `tan(theta//2) =(Bsin theta)/(A+B cos theta)` <br> `rArr (sin(theta//2))/(cos(theta//2))=(2Bsin(theta//2) cos(theta//2))/(A+B[2cos^(2)(theta//2)-1])` ltbr `rArr A+2 Bcos^(2)(theta//2)-B=2B cos^(2)(theta//2)rArr A=B`<br> ` rArr A+2B cos^(2)(theta//2)-B=2B cos^(2)(theta//2) rArr A=B` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V01_C03_E01_107_S01.png" width="80%">


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hello friends let this particular position the angle between the vectors a and b vector R is the resultant of the two vectors are makes an angle theta by 2 with a then you have to find that which relation so in order to understand this question for you have to understand that if there is an angle theta between two vectors a vector and b vector then there is a formula for the resultant ok let the resultant is making an angle theta with ok so 10 b is equal to sin theta upon B sin theta upon 1 + cos theta ok this is the formula right now here it is given that is making feedback theta by 2 and 10 theta by 2 and that is equals to B sin theta

sin theta can be written as 2 sin theta by 2 cos theta by 2 / a + b cos theta ok and Netscape what we can do we can try to can be written as find theta by 2 upon cos theta by and that is equal to that is equal to 2 b 2 b sin theta by 2 cos theta 2 divided by a + b cos theta ok for the you can solve it sin theta by 2 will cancel for CO2 is multiplied on this site it is equal to cos

B cos square theta by 2 and a + b cos A + B and it can be written as to cos square theta by 2 minus one ok now call this ok you know it'll be a + 2B for square theta by 2 minus b is equal to 2 b for square theta by 2 this is cancelled from here you can write this implies a is equal ok and that's why the correct answer is equals to be I hope that this is clearly