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Class 12






Current Electricity


The ammeter A reads 2A and the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Velocity of B when string is in natural length <br> `= u_(B) = sqrt(2gh) = sqrt(2g) (h = 1)` <br> Impulse equation<br> `rArr - TDelta t = m [v - sqrt(2g)]` ….(i) <br> `T. Deltat = m[v - 0]` ….(ii) <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> On solving eq. (i) & (ii) `: v = (sqrt2g)/(2) = (g)/(sqrt2)` <br> `:.` Distance travelled by A begore coming to rest, <br> `s = 1 + (v^(2))/(2g) = 1.25m`

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so gaye Sahi Rangers question it is given that the emitter rate SAR to I am send the old m v rates at $20 and the value of the resistance capital R is assuming infinite resistance of ammeter and voltmeter so here we need to find out the value of R capital or simply ok so if you're looking to this photographic so here we have the resistance capital R and B have ammeter and voltmeter so which are measuring the value of current and voltage across resistor is only so as we know the emitter can be the emitter need to connect in the series to the resistors if you want to find out the value of current through any particular path and are we need to connect other water metre in the parallel if you want to connect I want to find the value of voltage across any particular part of the circuit so according to that we have the value of

aainda voltage of the reading of voltmeter and ammeter reading socket into that we will right way be value will be = 2y - IG X with are so that will be equals to IG into ji so hair capital g is nothing but the voltmeter resistance and we ab value will be equals to 20 holes so then value of current I will be equal to 2 X and the capital are will be equals to our savinay to find out the resistance value only so that will be equal to 22 - 2nd 20 is equals to 2 minus into capital or so we will get the value of resistance capital R will be equal to 20 divided by 2 minus IG

solve the value of the resistance capital R is less than 10 ohms only so this is a correct answer for this question thank you

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