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The acceleration- time graph o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `A(q,r), B(r ) , C(p,s),D(q)`

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ladies this question to that solution time graph of a particle executing SHM in figure match column with column to Google and so hair removal cost of acquisition a at position a there can see acceleration is Max in position where activation method because formula for acceleration in SHM is equals to 8 goes to mind omega square into X so you can see this is extreme caution when acceleration is maximum at extreme position in position low potential formula for potential energy is formula for potential energy

ladies actors who is the President at maximum acceleration is positive and consideration for negative equal to minus into it is positive and negative 8.2 question 2 hell this is a survey equipment extreme and mean position so here it is the acceleration is positive acceleration is positive so when acceleration is negative for poison to displacement of particle is negative now maximum slope protection is a maximum of the

potential in mathematics tuition kinetic energy and Momentum equation 33 is mean position at mean position kinetic energy is maximum to omega under root a square minus x square x is mean more visit admin coincidence 0 we will be maximum Omega and at that time the speed and maximum values for 2:00 p.m. at question 3 p&s now at vision 44 is resolve extreme position placed in position position and is maximum and their currency acceleration is negative so displacement in positive so correct option is this question 4

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