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The acceleration due to gravit...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `g=GM//R^(2)`
Solution : `g=kM^(x)R^(y)G^(z), [LT^(-2)]=[M^(x)][M^(-1)L^(3)T^(-2)]^(z)`. Simplifying `x=1,y=-2,z=1`

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the question is the acceleration due to gravity at a piece depends on the mass of the earth m radius of the earth hour and the gravitational constant ji expression expression Ho Ji so we will write your what is so acceleration acceleration of species due to gravity at a national

fraction is equals to Z mass of Earth is given mass of earth which is M and gravitational constant constant is given and radius of earth hour is given so let's find the expression so to find

ji what will do so every know the gravitational force ok we know the gravitational force gravitational force on a piece vein let mkg age mass new B

equals to constant G multiply mass of the peace X mass of earth / radius of square and now this is equation 1 now from S from Newton's second law of motion is equals to mass intro acceleration

acceleration is equals to any force f is equals to mass into acceleration but given equals to will have if equals to Mars in 2GB call IT solution to home

equation 1 and 2 what we get we get mass X equals to Z M capital M R square so by solving it we get equals to ji X upon x square

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