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Jee Mains 2020


Take the breakdown voltage of ...

Take the breakdown voltage of the zener diode used in the given circuit as 6V. For the input voltage shown in figure below , the time variation of the output voltage is : (Graphs drawn are schematic and not to scale ) <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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according to question take breakdown voltage of zener diode used in the given circuit is 6 volt Zener voltage is 6 volt for input voltage on figure below variation of output voltage is so according to question the input AC voltage is given according to that diagram means maximum potential is 10 volt Input and the general voltage is 6 word ok so now you can see there are two Zener diodes connected in opposite directions means for the positive cycle ok so there are two diodes so as we know that the zener diode is work in a reverse bias and its apply application reason is when the genre voltage is less than applied voltage it means when the

voltage applied voltage V is less than B Z so it will work like a normal diode it will pass the current but when we is greater than we say ok the output voltage will be equal to visit ok so for the input voltage ok that is the input voltage and the maximum is 10 volt ok so for the positive cycle less Arjun Z1 is in Reverse bias and the for the negative J2 is in Reverse bias Sofia the first first positive cycle J2 is in forward bias in that case judgement will will be in Reverse bias so when the voltage is less than 6 volt it will work like a normal

n after 6 volt the voltage of output will be become established that is 6 volt ok that is the output voltage from Z1 after that they too will be in Reverse bias for negative cycle so when the voltage stress and support it should work like a normal diet means output will be normal and 46 larger than the 6 voltage the voltage value larger than 6 what it will stabilize the voltage and output will be equal to 6 volt OK so the correct representation of according to that relation is third one ok so option theme option 3 is correct

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