Stationary nucleus .23892U decays by a emission generating a total kinetic energy T:
What is the kinetic energy of the α-particle?


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hello everyone so we're given with the question which says a stationary nucleus of Uranium having mass number 238 atomic number 92° by emission and emission generating a total kinetic energy of capital T this is when the equation in which we can say uranium having mass number 238 atomic number 92 is getting converted into Thorium nucleus having a mass number 234 atomic number 97 because the other is an emission of Alpha particle are we need to calculate or to comment on the kinetic energy of the Alpha particles are the option to among these option which one is correct let's have a look so I initially it been given that we have a uranium nucleus so let's make a uranium nucleus wire and this nucleus is getting converted into another nucleus of Thorium an admission of Alpha particle so this is
to and omission of Alpha particle this is Uranium and this is the Thorium so this is having atomic mass number as the 238 and this is having atomic mass number of 234 and this is having an atomic number of 92 this is having an atomic number of 90 and win event the Alpha particle is been ejected from 8 Pro it is having some kinetic energy with it let's suppose that can aid energy of that Alpha particle is alpha plus in written this nuclear will get means required when the as the Alpha particle is being rejected this two nuclear gets converted into Thorium and in return Thorium will get the required with the kinetic energy let's suppose it sth h let se
and that we have been given the total Canadian adjusted so that supported tasty Le se Discovery question number 12 now as this is the case of equal to how we can make use of the Conservation of Linear Momentum here we can write by Conservation of Linear Momentum we can say let's ride the early B linear momentum we can check Momentum initial that would be equal to Momentum final and Momentum in terms of kinetic energy can be written as 2m Alpha Alpha Alpha particle is projected to be are left with a to mth and it would be nothing but
Aarti th th and 12 is a kinetic energy of Thorium nuclear and Alpha particle from your we can a developer relation between alpha and mth latest mass of Thorium so we can write a m Alpha can be done as ml parantu Alpha can be done as mth into DTH all right now a been given as aur mths 234 se Mor bhaiya 233 Alpha will be equal to 15th from one we can stay awake and right from equation 1 mm equation 1 VR we have to comment on the Canadian job 12 pass so let's convert that equation so we can write Alpha Plus instead of th we can write 40 Alpha
234 and it would be equals to 3 year if it all to the value comes out to be 238 Alpha / 234 and equals to team and we therefore we can write Alpha can be done as 234 by 238 or it can be done as 0.9 something X hop t so come here we can see the value of Alpha will be slightly less than will be slightly less than equals a slightly less than the total kinetic energy into it is almost near to the value one but but still it is less than one we will consider it to be a slight change to the value of the
I will be slightly less than the total candidate for the correct option matching will be option Si I hope you have understood the concept and thank you for watching

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