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Elasticity, Surface Tension And Fluid Mechanics


Statement-1: A solid sphere an...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Statement-1, is true, Statement-2 is true, Statement-2 is correct explanation for statement-1Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is true, statement-2 is NOT a correct explantion for statement-1statement-1 is true, statement-2 is falsestatement-1 is false statement-2 is true

Answer : D


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hello everyone a solid sphere and a hollow sphere of the same material and same radius are floating in a liquid of volume of the spheres is immersed in the liquid any statement to say is that of his force as on volume of liquid displaced it has nothing to do whether the body is solid or hollow to the questions given statement statement and statement to and is asking if both of the statement are independently true and if the statement to is the correct explanation of statement 1 the optimist force acting on a body that displaced some amount of water or liquid is given by and it will be equal to the density of liquid which is RO

X the volume displaced by the object which can be denoted by v x the gravitational acceleration which is ji as it is given in the statement one that the same percentage of volume for both the years is immersed in liquid therefore that the volume of the solid share which can be denoted by SS immersed in the liquid is equals to the volume of the holidays fair which can be denoted by HS emerged in the liquid as it is given in the question that they are immersed in the same liquid therefore RO and is constant G is also constant therefore we can write that the upward force or a thrust force acting on the solid sphere is equals to royel

X VSS in 2G and this is equals to zero and X VHS into G and this is equals to the upward force acting on the hollow sphere therefore we can write that fss is equals to feso4 the force is acting of words on both the square are equal therefore statement one is correct and statement to is also correct as we know that the first food at on volume of the liquid displaced as shown in equation number 154 both statements are independently to and statement to is the correct statement 1 so the correct option A thank you

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