State the approximate speed of ultrasound in air.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
`330 m s^(-1)`


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hello story South Asia question the questions as that state the approximate speed of ultrasound in air so basically what is ultrasound ultrasound is basically types of sound waves which are above 20 khz frequency ok means it are there are basically soundwave ok so all the properties of sound waves will be applicable to this address to what we are doing us that we need to state the approximate speak ok so basically what the approximate speed of sound in air approx speed of sound so approx speed of sound is basically 330 metres per second ok this is the standard thing which we take ok so similarly send ultrasound 8 types of just sound waves

show the approximate field of ultrasound will be that of sound means approx speed of ultrasound in air is equal to 330 metres per second it so this is basically sound in air only ok understand so this will be our final answer ok thank you

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