State parallelogram law of vector addition. Find analytically the magnitude and direction of resultant vector. Apply it to find the resultant when, <br> (i) Two vectors are parallel to each other <br> (ii) Two vectors are perpendicular to each other



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Updated On: 28-5-2021

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Parallelogram law of vector addition: If two vectors, acting simultaneously at a point, can be represented both in magnitude and direction by two adjacent sides of a parallelogram, the resultant is represented completely, both in magnitude and direction, by the diagonal of the parallelogram passing through that point. Let OP and OQ represent the two vectors `overset(rarr)A` and `overset(rarr)B` and making an angle `theta` Then, using the parallelogram method of vector addition, OS represents the resultant vector `overset(rarr)A` and `overset(rarrr)B` making an angle `theta` then using the parallelogram method of vector addition os represent `overset(rarr)R=overset(rarr)A+overset(rarr)B` <br> SN is normal to op and PM is normal to os from the geometry of hte figure <br> `OS^(2)=ON^(2)+SN^(2)` <br> but `ON=OP+PN=A+B cos theta` <br> in `triangle` OSN , SN =OS `sin alpha =R sin alpha` and <br> In `triangle` PSN ,SN =PS `sin theta =B sin theta` <br> where R isd given by equation (i) or tan `alpha=(SN)/(OP+PN)=(B sin theta)/(A+B cos theta)` <br> (i) given `theta =0^(@)` <br> `therefore R=sqrt(A^(2)+B^(2)+2ABcos(0^(@)))=A+B, tan alpha=(B sin theta^(@))/(A+B cos 0^(theta))=0 or alpha =0^(@)` <br> (ii) Given : `theta =(pi)/(2) therefore R=sqrt(A^(2)+B^(2)+2AB cos (pi)/(2))=-sqrt(A^(2)+B^(2))` <br> `alpha = tan^(-1) (B)/(A)` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/VMC_PHY_WOR_BOK_01_C01_E01_025_Q01.png" width="80%">

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