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Starting from the origin at ti...

Starting from the origin at time t = 0 , with initial velocity `5hatj "ms"^(-1)` , a particle moves in the x - y plane with a constant acceleration of `(10hati+4hatj)ms^(-2)` . At time t , its coordinates are `(20 m,y_0 m)` . The value of t and `y_0` are , respectively :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

2 s and 18 m 5 s and 25 m 2 s and 24 m 4 s and 52 m

Answer : B


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hello Pawan starting from origin atticus 20 with velocity 5.8 metre per second particle moves in xy plane with constant acceleration of this at time t in it is best to find out the value of tea and why not if you see her initially you X is equals to zero and you why is given in the question 5 and if you see the acceleration so a x here is 10 and a why is 4G time the qualities 20 and it is this calculator will be this 20 the particle starts from rest with the displacement will be the best quality if you see the particle starts from origin at T = 20 to whatever is the displacement will be the X co-ordinate with its content that will cause 2

you XT plus half a t square so you XT here is zero and 10 by to you will write a letter to 30 square 2820 is equals to 5 square from here you will get the value of t square is equals to time will Bittu S very simple now if you write the one of them to apply the equation of motion so you like the second equation of motion to find out the time now we will again apply the second equation of motion in addition to get this y-coordinate it again if you see initially the y-coordinate he was zero so whatever will be the wide is present will be the coordinates to I will equals to from the second equation of motion which is already be applied in the acceleration to calculate the time now

find out the why do you want it is it into the time is 24 and two squares again 4 so this will be 10 + 16 by 28 is 8618 M Naik check the option have to say that is option is

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