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Class 11






Nuclear Physics


Staements I: ._zX^4 undergoes ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Statement-1 is true, Statement-2: is true, Statement-2 is a correct explanation for Statement-1.Statement-1 is true, Statement-2: is true, Statement-2 is NOT a correct explanation for Statement-1.Statement-1 is true but statement-2 is falseStatement-1 is false, Statement-2 is true

Answer : A
Solution : Statement-2 is true by definition and correctly explanis the statement-1, namely `._(Z)X^(A)` undergoes `2 alpha` decays, `2 beta` decays (negative `beta`) and `2gamma` decays. As a result the daugther product is `._(z-2)Y^(A-8)`

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I have two statements both of the statement related to Alpha Beta and Gamma decay and discuss the statement to that in Alpha Alpha decay in Alpha decay the parent atom into the daughter Adam and their parent atom has a mass production of -4 and a the atomic number reduction of first part of the statement to the mass number and atomic show in beta decay the parent atom editor Adam

and an electron which means the mass remains unchanged electron electron atom but since the electrons and negatively charged particle which is eliminated from the parent atom so we have a dedicated mass number and atomic number increase by this part of the third part number 5 the only by product the only by product other than the daughter and an atom is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation do not have any weight or any charge so both

the mass and the atomic number and change the statement 281 talking about the statement one now statement one be had a parent atom that read now it undergoes 2 alpha minus 2 x of food because it is a reduction of in atomic mass and Z minor time

then it goes to a beta decay or whether it goes to change number that is of class 12 that will be Plus and minus x + 2 and then tour to Godavari and in the time that - now you can clearly see in the atomic mass taking more mass away from this parent atom than it already have this


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