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Fluid Mechanics


Some question (Assertion-Reaso...

Some question (Assertion-Reason type) are given below. Each question contains STATEMENT-1(Assertion) and STATEMENT-2(Reason) . Each question has 4 choices (A),(B),(C ) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct. So select the correct choice : <br> STATEMENT-1 <br> Viscosity of liquid increases rapidly with the rise of temperature. <br> STATEMENT-2 <br> Viscosity of liquid is the property of liquid by virtue of which it opposes the relative motion amongst its different layers.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True, Statement-2 is a correct explanation for Statement-1. Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True, Statement-2 is NOT a correct explanation for Statement-1.Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is False. Statement-1 is False, Statement-2 is True.

Answer : D
Solution : Statement 1 is incorrect as viscosity decreases in the rise of temperature and statement 2 is true.


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