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Class 12






Wave Optics


Slit widths in a young double ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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Swift width in young double experiment are in the ratio 9 is 24 of intensity at to get off at meaning to that of Maxima is now suppose this is the experimental setup of young's double slit experiment I suppose the first plate has with even and second we have a to so from this current sources there from this place the light enters it is obtained on the screen is maximum minimum so this is what happens in young's double slit experiment the intensity of tane here at this point is directly proportional to the selective repeat sentence

suppose I not passing stool this set is directly proportional to I want is directly proportional to size of excellence post and intensity here is directly proportional to it is directly proportional to size of this letter from which it is passing that we can write the intensity I want upon 2 is equals to a one to write one is 99244 we can write iPhone is equals to 9.4 white right now we need to find the intensity at minimal cost to the intensity the ratio of intensity of minima and Maxima so intensity at let se

intensity at Maxima will be equal to root under intensity I 1 + root and intensity to the whole square so I one is 9.4 to root under + root under right to the whole square right so will get will extract extract route it from here so we will left out is 9.8 and 9.4 root 9.4 V3 by to write + root and the whole square root 1 to 3 + 2 + 1 will get 5 by to write the whole square so we got the intern

to be equal to root I to the whole square to 25 of an 225 upon for the IMAX what is the maximum intensity and we need to find a minimum as well so I minimum will be equal to root under I will minus root under eye to the whole square so root under 9.42 - hai to tighten the whole square right so well get extract 2 title from here the same way so what is left out here is 99.4 to root Android 9.4 3 by 2 minus root 3 by 2 minus one will get one by two so will be have

2.1 by to the whole square it so we got to be to upon 4 so this is the intensity I minimum so we have a minimum and maximum so way we need to find the ratio let's find the ratio here so I Max sorry intensity at a minimum of two sentences maximum so it will be upon my mixing ratio we need to find and I minimum is 2.4 so I to maximum is 25 to buy for we can write up on 25 it so I do I do with that can

offer so we have the ratio 1 is to 25 so this is the final so we will look into the options we can see that

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