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Class 12






Miscellaneous Volume 3


shows a circuit used in an exp...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : d. As `V = epsilon - Ir` <br> From graph it is clear that slope `= -r = -y//x` <br> or `r = y//x`.

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hello everyone latest try to solve the given problem and internal resistance of a battery that we have a battery and we want to find it EMF and internal resistance flow graph plotted of the potential difference V between the terminals of the battery against the current I graph is plotted between the terminal voltage and the current I which was wearing by adjusting the used at the graph is shown X and Y the graph shown as x and y are the intercepts of this graph with Axis as soon then what is the internal resistance of this battery to find the internal resistance of the very easy way of solving this now internal resistance has dimensions of

Om units of right internal the unit of internal resistance is simply ohm and you can see that the unit of X is a air and the unit of why is V so we can check from the unit that which of the following will represent the value of resistance or we can also say that the slope of this graph Slope of a graph will be dimensional equal to resistance write the method by which we can check from the option where is he now this is the current so this will be in a now why is the voltage so this will be in v 9 X upon y x is the current so it will be in a and Y is the voltage so it will be in your hair we can

see that V per a know this is simply equals to Om so the correct option hair will be y by x hope you understand the explanation thank you

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