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Select the incorrect statement...

Select the incorrect statement


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

For isothermal process of ideal gas, `DeltaU = 0` For isochoric process, `W = 0`For adiabatic process, `DeltaU = -DeltaW`For cyclic process, `DeltaW = 0`

Answer : D


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chapter thermodynamics select the incorrect statement given for statement for isothermal process of ideal gas Delta use Hero Soya isothermal process what does isothermal basically mean isothermal means temperature constant and we have been clearly stated that it is an ideal gas law for ideal gas is delta in CV Delta T of this is zero so this will be zero so ideal gas will have Delta u equal to zero for natural process so this is not the answer for a process work is zero what is Aisa Kyun Aisa korak we all know it is volume constant volume is constant we know that work done a request to P Delta V you have Delta vs Hero a work will be zero as well so these also not the answer has yet to figure out the incorrect statement looking at options

adiabatic process Delta equals to minus Q what is adiabatic adiabatic basically means to = 20 and we know from first 2 is equals to Delta u + w so if you is zero so obviously data is going to be equal to minus W3 option is also not the right answer but having a located D option it says that for Cyclic process Delta w = 20 that is word processor 050 have a look at a cyclic process this is a PV kar if you take a cyclic process that is start from a go to B then go to see then go to de then again go back to a this is what is called a cyclic process this is cyclic process but we can directly see that there is a area enclosed between the curve and what is this area basically it is the

amount of work done so for a cyclic process it is not necessary that the w is going to be heroes for the right answer that is your figure out the incorrect option thank you