Refraction & Reflection of Light


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Ocean is refraction and reflection of light we need to distinguish between refraction and reflection so reflection and refraction both are phenomenon of light show election after the after suffering refraction through lens so we can say that reflection of light when it lets hear price the surface of the M and separating the two medium social write the medium on the plane so it comes back to the same let se medium in refraction when it hurts
the medium separating the boundary which is our lens through a medium leading of bending of light light bends towards or away from the normal light entering here the medium so returns back to the same medium in case of reflection it comes to same direction with fractions light entering we can say the medium here let se travels from one medium to another medium YouTube let se changing refractive index so next we can say here point of distinguish we can say angle of incidence equal to angle of reflection refraction
reflection case in case of refraction here U1 and U2 are to media so this is angle of incidence angle of refraction the light went away from the normal so this is our let se to fraction and reflection of light phenomenal separated by these two points is a final answer

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