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Ravi is a student of class IX in a Delhi school. This year all the students of class IX were going to visit Kashmir during the winter holidays alongwith some of their teachers. All the students were asked to pack heavy woolen clothes with them because winter in Kashmir is very severe. Ravi had recently studied a particular chapter in science. Keeping that in mind, Ravi also purchased a pair of special type of shoes from the market and packet it alongwith his luggage. When the students reached Srinagar, it was extremely cold. When the students got up in the morning next day, they were told that heavy snowfall is going on in this area since last night and that there were thick layers of snow all around their hotel. Most of the students had not seen snowfall before. So, all the students and teachers decided to walk and play on fresh falling snow. Ravi put on his special ordinary shoes while walking on snow. It was noticed that the feet of all other students and teachers wearing ordinary shoes were sinking into soft snow making it very difficult for them to walk on soft snow. But this was not so with Ravi. Ravi could walk easily even on soft snow (without his feet sinking into it). All the students were very jealous of Ravi. But the teachers were all praise for Ravi.
(a) Which concept of science is involved in the incident which took place on soft snow?
(b) Why do the feet of a student wearing ordinary shoes sink into soft snow?
(c) What are the special shoes worn by Ravi called? How do they differ from ordinary shoes?
(d) Explain why, by wearing special shoes, Ravi could walk easily on soft snow (without his feet sinking into soft snow).
(e) What are a pair of long, narrow pieces of hard flexible material fastened under the feet for sliding very fast on the slopes of snow covered mountains called (which work on the same principle as snow shoes)?
(f) What values are displayed by Ravi in this episode?

Text Solution

(a) Pressure.
(b) The feet of a student wearing ordinary shoes sink into soft snow because due to the small size of the sole of the shoes, the weight of a student falls on a small area of soft snow producing a large pressure.
(c) The special shoes worn by Ravi are called 'snow shoes'. The area of sole of snow shoes (which comes in contact with snow) is much bigger than the area of sole of ordinary shoes worn by us in everyday life.
(d) By wearing snow shoes Ravi could walk easily on soft snow (without sinking into it) because due to large area of the sole of snow shoes, the weight of Ravi is spread over a large area of soft snow producing small pressure.
(e) Skis (singular: Ski).
(f) The values displayed by Ravi in this episode are (i) Knowledge of the concept of pressure (ii) Application of knowledge in real-life situations, and (iii) Foresight (in taking along snow shoes expecting snowfall in Kashmir during winter).

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