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Class 10






Self Assessment Paper -5


Radiations given out from a so...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `alpha`-particle

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hello friends are question is radiation out from the source when subjected to an electric field in the direction perpendicular to the path Aasan below in the diet of the radiation A B and C answer the following question in terms of A B and C which among the three causes the least biological damage external question which of the following alpha beta and gamma particle is moving in the direction of electric field

I will be having a pocket chat and he is alpha particle P is moving in opposite to the electric field and she is a beta particle and particle as it passes and collected from from the electrical also noted penetrating power rating power power of God is Greater than that of Beta particle and which is also greater than that of Alpha particle now we know that the biological damage that it will cost will be more so friend we can say that biological damage biological damage

directly proportional to penetrating power and girl having the least penetrating power provide the least palatal tennis to our body heat treating power is of an Alpha particle and hence particle a that is alpha particle will be causing list biological bio logical damage to our body

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