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Power gain for N-P-N transisto...

Power gain for `N-P-N` transistor is `10^(@)`, input resistance `100Omega` and output resistance `10000Omega`. Find out current gain.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone let's start the question questions you that power gain for NPN transistor is 10 to the power 0 inflorescence is 10 and output resistance is 10000 ohm find out current gain in the question we have to find out about current game show the about current game is be ok and how they be related to the power gain which is given in the question power gain ok so Power Girl power so this

about Karenge and is nothing but I out by I read to find out this one this is related to the power gain and power n is equal to output power / input power and we know the formula for power is power I square are so if we substitute the value of output out the current will be out square into our out ok / iron square

into our in so we can write out by I am whole square into are out by in OK so the question the power gain power gain is given and it's this is beta square which is the current gain out ok and are out and Aryan is given is a route is 10 to the power for it is 10000 and Iron 883 power

ok to park in is given is 10 to the power 6 we cannot hear organical to 10 to the power 6 equal to metre square into 10 to the power to now we're taking metre square in one site it will be sent or received by 10 to the power to retire equal to root under 23 power for this can be tennis hundred if is the correct option is hundred we can write correct answer is 100

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