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Position of particle as a function of time is given as `vec r=cos wt hati+sin wt hatj` . Choose correct statement about `vecr,vec v` and `vec a` where `vec v` and `vec a` are velocity and acceleration of particle at time t.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`vec v ` is perpendicular to `vec r` and `vec a` is towards origin`vec v` and `vec a` are perpendicular to `vec r``vec v` is parallel to `vec r` and `vec a` parallel to `vec r``vec v` is perpendicular to `vec r` and `vec a` is away from origin

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello question is position of a particle as a function of time given as is equal to cos Omega T + velocity and acceleration and velocity what are the option option is perpendicular there like this now I am going to draw this is our order and given a position vector aspose this is our position vector values cos Omega T + sin Omega T this is the position now let's operate on this year given R R is what cos Omega T +

Sin Omega T find its velocity of velocity is given is not by duty that is what causes differentiation of minus sign Omega 3 dytor plus fineness differentiation of Cos Omega T and it will get X with Omega Vinod chain rule differentiation of Sin Omega T is what was it into this is what I found now let's talk about the acceleration what is the acceleration acceleration can be written as DV by DT aur I can also write is b2r work details fine

Omega is already here one Omega will also get X we can take commerce differentiation of Sin Omega T is what it is cos Omega T + differentiation of Cos Omega T is what minus of Sin Omega T Jacob and Omega I am already taken from it comes from to be acceleration comes out to be omega square minus Cos Omega T what is minus Sin Omega T of minus a minus b square cos Omega T + sin of Omega so I can write it a is minus of omega square and this is what are you can say this is exactly

fine here we can say that if r is in this direction we will be totally opposite of this because -9 value from this then we will be in this direction totally opposite or we can say it is anti parallel or angle between them to be found about now look at the V W officer cost of time is perpendicular to earth we have to check otherwise perpendicular to our or not to check this we know for perpendicular at for dot product f v.ir is zero then we can say we is perpendicular to our

and given condition we and our should not be 0 that second condition is satisfied we are given the value and take the dot product of water it comes out to be what Omega of minus Sin Omega T into cos Omega T last Omega Sin Omega T into cos of Omega why we can say that it is exactly opposite or negative direction it is getting cancelled out v.ir is zero it means we can say we is perpendicular to found to conclusion fast is vs perpendicular to US and the second one is a is anti parallel to

let's look at the options the option one be perpendicular to US and age 28 origin as this will be too