Passage XII)_ A particle of mass m is constrained to move along x-axis. A force F acts on the particle. F always points toward the position labelled E. For example, when the particle is to the left of E,Fpoints to the right. The magnitude of F is consant except at point E where it is zero. The systm is horizontal. F is the net force acting on the particle. the particle is displaced a distance A towards left from the equilibrium position E and released from rest at t=0. <br> What it is the time period of periodic motion of particle. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/MPP_PHY_C11_E01_143_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Text Solution

`4(sqrt((2Am)/F)``2(sqrt((2Am)/F))``(sqrt((2Am)/F))`None of these

Answer :


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Mala student let start the distance so indication of particle of mass M is constrained to move along the path toward the position for example when particle to the left of T point to the right where it is zero the net force acting on the particle particle is this place distance capital lab from the released from rest at equal to zero what is the time given to you all time route of 2m capital option 20 to time root

of 12 account capital of these root of capital and these none of these photo coming to the solution portion we know port is constant the weekend se calculation is constant Koi vacillation constant we can apply equation of motion here so I am applying equation of motion from this point to this point this point I'm naming A and B name naming v so we will apply equation of motion from a to point B or you can say from mean position to extreme position vacation a sequel to YouTube Club

of 85 I am going to apply then will be equal to amplitude you will be zero at Nation I am a and T A Time taken to reach from a to b so after calling you will get a call to half a quality call acquire I am naming this occasion education number 1 now I am applying here Newton's Law if equal to show value of a from this you will get a call to upon time so I am saying this occasion as equation number 2 but you are to calculate the value of capital T so in terms of personality you can write capital De equal to four time of equality

piping with diagram so solving equation 1 and 2 you will be value of capital A equal to 1 by 2 capital upon m into Malti Square from here it will calculate the value of the small team that will come equal to root of capital calculating the value of quality 43 year so you will get time period will be all time root of 2 a.m. upon capital will be your final answer and did you can be in option A will be fine

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