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Particle moves from point A to...

Particle moves from point A to point B along the line shown in figure under the action of force. `evc F = - x hati + y hatj`. Determine the work done on the particle by `vec F` in moving the particle from point A to point B. <br/><img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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1 J1/2 J2 J3 J

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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Pawan particle moves from A to B along line shown in the figure under the action of force xy + Y determine the work done on the particle bi f in moving the particle from point a to point B so the force is variable so will right here let suppose displacement small displacement vector is ICAP + 2 J cap and we know already the force water is you can see minus ICAP + visor cap so I will right here now the work done DW will be

caused f.ds so just put the value of f and dot after that is so if you take the dot product will get your DW is equal to minus x dx integration + Y DY integration now you can see the limit also the X is bearing from if this is the point A and particle goes from A to B then vary from 120 and waiver every form 2021 so I will put the limit of acts as 120 and Y is very from 0 to 1 and the w course from 0 to temple now

integrated I will try to access M2 with the negative side limit from 120 and y square by to Limit from 0 it will be cause 2w Temple now just put the limit yah you will get negative sign half and after adding the disturb with the white on here I will get half -0 you can see already this is half plus half is the total work so we can write the total work done is equals to 1 June now you can check the option and you can see the question we have to calculate the work done by the force is a particle moves from a

to be the work done will be Bonjour so a will be the correct answer the question that was the question and simple thank you

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