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Jee Mains 2020


Particle A of mass m_1 moving...

Particle A of mass `m_1` moving with velocity `(sqrt3hati+hatj)ms^(-1)` collides with another particle B of mass `m_2` which is at rest initially. Let `vec(V_1) and vec(V_2)` be the velocities of particles A and B after collision respectively. If `m_1 = 2m_2` and after collision `vec(V_1) - (hati + sqrt3hatj)ms^(-1)`, the angle between `vec (V_1) and vec (V_2)` is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello Deewana particle of mass M moving with velocity collides with another particle B of mass and to which is at rest initially let V1 and V2 be the velocity of the particle A and B after the collision respectively if one = 22 M2 and after collision the V1 is this the velocity of particle 1 to find out the angle between V1 and V2 if you see there isn't any external force so we can apply the momentum conservation is this is the and 1 mass and it was moving with a velocity U rate and after the collision in have some velocity if you see women and after the collision the mass M2 which was at rest initially have some velocity in some direction to have to find out

the angle between V1 and V2 apply the momentum conservation I will write the initial momentum of the system is equals to final momentum of the system if you see here initial Momentum is one into this velocity is why I will put you I will writer everyone into velocity is under root 3 ICAP + Dekhe I will write is equals to mass M1 and velocity V1 is given year is ICAP + 3 J cap so I will write ICAP + 3 J cap + M2 into V2 now it is given that the M1 is two times of them to sunao you if you replace them one by m to 3 ICAP + check up and here again I will write to M2 plus this

and if you want to solve it you will get the value of V to so I will write the way to is equals to this is 2 root 3 root 2 root 3 and if you see had -2 it will be it now plus 2 minus 2 root 3 days so I will need to minus 2 root 3 this will be the velocity of particle to after the collision very simple now we want the angle between the two right angle between the way even after 8 V2 actor so we could find out the cause of between the two will be even after plus into V2 in division the magnitude of the both so

Bhiwandi to you could do for everyone is the question is this right ICAP + root 3.2 root 3 minus 2 Y + in division I will let the magnitude so I kept + root 3 if you find out the magnitude of even so you will write one square + root 3 square and the roots will be 2 metre per second find the magnitude of V2 also by the same v a square + b square under root so you right way to magnitude is under root of this is square this could see these are of same magnitude

but opposite direction right this is to root 3 minus 2 and this is minus of 2 root 3 minus 2 so if you if I say this quantity as x if I say to root 3 minus 2 as x b x square + x square Suite will be Tu X squire under root it so I will write Excel to access this site so you could just put the values to everyone and it is x road to access this so I will write 2 root 3 minus 2 X into very simple dot product rate so if you if you take the dot product I will write your 2 root 3 minus 2 plus it will be root 3 into 2

into root 3 root 3 into 2 root 3 into 3 into 2 that is 6 in division I will write 2 root 2 into 2 root 3 minus 2 so I will write Ko Sine of angle is equals to if you see on Dominator you will get 4 root 3 minus if you take two common shares will get 4 root 2 root 3 minus it will be very simple so if you take for common here then you will get root 3 minus 2 and this will be 4 root 2 root 2 into root 3 minus 1 so this will get cancelled out if you see on nominativ award root 3 minus 3 root 3

+ 1 into root 3 minus 1 equals to from a + b into a minus b formula so I will get this straight so this is equals to to it so let's write this into so I will multiply and divide by multiplying and dividing root 3 + 1 and root 3 + 1 you will get to in denominator by multiplying root 3 minus 1 into root 3 + 1 so I will write 3 minus 2 into root 3 + 1 into root 2 root 3 + 1 into root 3 minus 1 is 28 sunao you could X is 2 root 3 minus 2 into root 3 + 1

X you will get to 3 minus 2 root 3 + root 3 minus 2 is to 1 minus root 3 equal to see him rate this put the values your so this will become 2 and root 3 minus 2 into root 3 + 1 will become one minus root 3 so I will write its expression as cos theta is equals to 1 - so I will it take and taking minus sign outside so 23 - 1 by now you see this is true to add this expression is 200 2 root 2 cos value is there is minus root 3 minus 1 by 2 root 2 cos is negative in the second quarter

and tried to you could do from the option as well as for the second quadrant value is this and cos 1 Note 5 is minus root 3 minus 1 by 2 root it will be the cosine of the angles off from here you can calculate the treated as this will be your answer the correct option you can see is thank you


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